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Website Changes: Hosting Platform


Greetings visitors, current and previous customers, as well friends. This messages is to inform you of our recent changes for this year 2023 to date.


We recently made a hosting company change to IONOS.com. Yes, we are aware of some of the reviews of previous clients (of IONOS.com), but we like to approach situations anew instead of adopting the opinions and bias of others. In other words, we will be our own judges.

Our previous platform for about a little over a year was Awardspace.com. This platform was perfect and received all A+ across the board for Customer Service and Response time, Going beyond the call of duty to assist their clients, an easy user friendly control panel, many features and add-ons, low prices and promotions; A+ for up-time and so-forth.

Our domains that were hosted on the network were KnightVision.Ink (WordPress Bought), along with other subdomains that were created through Awardspace.com that are currently offline since we closed our account and migrated to IONOS.com, one link being https://kvinetworkcreations.atwebpages.com (no longer active).

Upon doing some marketing and optimizations, we learned that this shared hosting company (although to no fault of their own, but to those who breathe scams, and fraud) had previous issues reported about certain people who were operating untrustworthy while sharing their hosting.

This information is not to alarm you but to educate you about shared hosting. With this type of hosting you will always have a few bad apples who ruins good companies. So, in the future if you are not sure about a hosting company you can always research them before you join their network. As for myself, I have not experience any harm, scam or any questionable acts done by Awardspace.com. Their customer service were always friendly and their 24/7 response time was extraordinary jet-speed fast.

I would have stayed with them but I had to make a decision that was best for our brand, our company, and our visitors and clients. We wanted to be transparent. We did not want the bad reviews of a hosting company to be the cause of why consumers and visitors did not trust us with their services. But I caution the critics to take it easy on the new companies and what you read online from these background website checkers. New companies established will almost always have a low trust rating and label as suspicious because of either low traffic, visibility, financial issues, and lack of marketing because of financial issues.

Moreover, some companies, like our own make more in-personal sales rather than virtually, hence the lack of online visible reports.

Who we are

We are a family, black owned, Legally EIN Registered LLC. We have a business rating by the BBB of  A (mostly due to the short time of our online virtual business).

We work from home, and we choose not to list certain information, not because we are trying to hide our identity, but because our residence where we do business has young children.

I am a US Citizen and a United States Combat Marine Corps Veteran of ten years. We have establishments in the US Virgin Islands, Georgia and Rhode Island. You can read more about who I am by following the link “Founder” in the footer section of our website.

New Web-links

Since we first launched our online community, we had some bumps and hiccups along the way, but through it all we still pressed on. If you have visited our company links, you may have experienced many changes, broken links, site downtime, and other things that may or may not have frustrated you. Some of these causes were due to bad business patrons we hired to work on our website, and in transparency, lack of proper research by myself.

To date our parent and permanent link will always be KnightVision.Ink. Our current subdomain link, where you are reading this now, is https://kvinc.knightvision.ink. Although our subdomains might change, we are hoping they do not… you can always type in KnightVision.Ink (link) or KVI Network Creations (LLC Name) and you will find us online.

I am old-school and I personally do not spend much time on social media like I used to when I was younger due to many changes and conversations being talked about, and for other reasons, but this does not mean we are totally abandoning these platforms. I am personally a people person and try to keep that true organic communication active versus through texting, webcams, and computer.

Recall, our previous link https://kvinetworkcreations.atwebpages.com is no longer active and if you visit or see the link via the web and click on it, it will come up a broken link until Google indexing remove them from the web.

Unfortunately, since these many changes, our ranking and traffic will greatly be reduced and we practically would have to start over. Nevertheless, we put transparency and protecting the integrity of our company, clients and visitors as high priority over just focusing on how many traffic visitors we have. This means we are taking it slowly and day by day; we will make all the necessary changes we need to make, even if it sets us back in ranking, until we fortify our platform. Every house or structure needs to be built on solid ground.


To wrap things up, we apologize in advance for past and present issues you may experience by us. We are new at this and it is our intention to keep pressing forward no matter the obstacles we may face in the future.

Going forward, you will see many upgrades as we try to adjust to changes of this generation. Please bare with us. We ask that you help us by sharing our links, donating to our fundraiser, or purchasing some of our books from our store, or even purchasing any of our services offered. By doing so, you will be helping us achieve our goal and dreams as we pay-it-forward to others.

Feel free to give any feedback and helpful information that will help us grow as a new business. Please, no spamming and always respect our privacy and we respect and protect yours.


Vee Nelly  Founder | Owner

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