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**SECTION 1 – Acceptance of Orders**


Our acknowledgment of your order confirmation, whether electronic or otherwise, does not indicate acceptance of your order. This confirmation does not confirm our offer to sell. KVI NETWORK CREATIONS reserves the right to accept or decline orders at any time, as well as to provide fewer quantities than ordered for any item.



**SECTION 2 – Payment via Credit Cards**


We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards without any additional charges. To ensure smooth processing, kindly provide your precise billing address and phone number (matching the details your credit card issuer has on file). Your credit card will be charged upon order completion.



**SECTION 3 – Payment Methods**


Money orders, cashier’s checks, personal checks, and company checks in US currency are accepted. For money orders and cashier’s checks, orders are processed upon receipt. Personal and company checks require up to 10 banking days for clearance before processing. A $25 fee is applicable to all returned checks.



**SECTION 4 – Shipping Policy**


Orders received before 5:00 PM will generally ship the same day if items are in stock. Orders placed after 5:00 PM will ship the following business day. Shipments are not processed on weekends, unless arranged otherwise. Estimated delivery times should be considered tentative, and ordering promptly is advised to avoid delays.



**SECTION 5 – Out of Stock Items**


Products will be shipped as they become available. Typically, orders placed before 5:00 PM ship the same day or the next business day for orders placed after that time, or on weekends or holidays. If items are out of stock, we will inform you and you can cancel the order before shipping.



**SECTION 6 – Multiple Product Orders**


We’ll aim to ship all items from a multiple product order together. Unavailable products will be shipped separately once they’re available, unless specified otherwise. Shipping charges will correspond to each shipment and can be applied to the first shipment of a multiple shipment order.



**SECTION 7 – Taxes**


For orders delivered within Rhode Island, applicable sales tax will be automatically charged. For orders shipped to other states, you are responsible for any sales taxes or similar charges.



**SECTION 8 – Errors in Pricing**


KVI NETWORK CREATIONS reserves the right to refuse or cancel orders for products listed with incorrect prices due to typographical errors or inaccurate pricing information. Such actions can be taken before or after order confirmation. If a cancellation occurs after your credit card has been charged, a credit will be issued.



**SECTION 9 – External Links**


Links to third-party sites on this website are not under KVI NETWORK CREATIONS’ control. We hold no responsibility for the content or operation of these external sites.



**SECTION 10 – Copyright and Trademark**


All materials on this site, including text, design, logos, graphics, icons, and images, are KVI NETWORK CREATIONS’ property unless specified. Usage of site content is limited to shopping or placing orders. Unauthorized reproduction, modification, distribution, or other use of site materials may lead to legal penalties.



**SECTION 11 – Miscellaneous**


These conditions override any terms in your purchase order. We maintain the right to modify this site and its conditions without prior notice. If you have any queries, contact

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